My SUMMER ALPHABET Around the Globe (A to Z)

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

My Summer Alphabet Around the Globe is my decade Loooong Summer stories in pictures to give you ideas how you can also enjoy the place' Summer appeal - longer daysmore sunlightwarm temperatures, and varied opportunities to be outdoor to have FUN IN THE SUN - from A to Z

AAmsterdam Canal Tour  

Amsterdam in Netherlands is well-known for its unique 17th century - old canals which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in August 2010. So in the summer, never miss out a canal tour of the city's natural waterways aboard a boat that has an outside rear deck and a glass roof that can be opened! 

B - Berry Harvest in Sweden 
Summer is the Berry Harvest Season in Sweden since swedish mountains yield delicious wild berries from July to September and anyone can pick up the berries (regardless of who owns the land!). Then you can either sell (to recoupe your plane ticket lol) or turn them to blueberry jam and eat it with ice cream, my summer favorite!!

– Cruise Northern Europe  
Cruising around Northern Europe in the summer means warm temperature for swimming, sunny sky for exciting wildlife and vibrant surroundings to feast on out in the deck of Silja SerenadeEuropean's 6th largest passenger cruise ship that ply between Stockholm and Helsinki. 
D – Driving Around US East Coast 
Driving around the East Coast particularly from New Jersey to Chicago and back is one of my favorite summer activity while in the US. Right! that's about 786 miles each way of scenic drive stopping a lot to take pictures of historic markers, buildings, towns, beautiful coastline, and to get inside visitors' center. 
– Easter Fun in the Philippines 
In the PhilippinesEaster Sunday always happen in the summer, that's why many of my happy memories in celebrating this joyous season involve my family and our summer activities in the beach, at a campsite, at a resort or even at home during the Holy Week which is a holiday in the Philippines.
– Finland's Fair Summer 
Although Summer in Finland is short (but the days are long), you can definitely experience a Fair summer esp. in Helsinki if you just follow the Finnish rule: go outside! So when we were there, we visited an open-air museum, watched a dog show in the park and ate at an outdoor restaurant hotel. 
G – Gold Rush in Brunei 
A Golden opportunity  awaits you literally in the summer in Brunei Darussalamone of the richest country in the world. With the striking sun, the golden domes of the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien mosque illuminates during the day and transforms the sea-blue roof of the Kiarong Mosque into magnificent golden edifice at night

H- Hongkong, I Heart You!
Dubbed as Asia's World City, Hongkong has everything "high" in its soil to make your summer spectacular. Say I Heart U to the world tallest, outdoor bronze Giant Buddha, the highest mountain called the Peak, one of a kind beach hopping, and of course happiness inside the Hongkong Disneyland, the so called Happiest Place on Earth!  

– Island Hopping In the Philippines 
What better way to cool off the summer heat than going island hopping and dipping in the water while cruising around the clusters of more than 7,000 beautiful islands of the Philippines. With its real unblemished, awe inspiring islands strings and rock formations, my  islands adventure in my country is still my unbeatable summer favorite!

J-July 4th Celebration in the US
One of the summer event that everyone looks forward to in the United States is the July 4th Independence Day birthday and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence Celebration since 1776. One must celebrate this "most American" holiday at least once and glad I checked off mine last July 2011. 

– Korea's Summer Keepsakes 
South Korea's cities like Seoul, Busan, Masan, Ulsan and Gyeongdo are great reminders for me of one fun summer -   the Sky CoasterViking and Roller Coaster rides in Tongdo Fantasia, venues for   
– Lake Viewing Luxury in Colorado

Lake Viewing is a summer's  delight in Snow Mass, Colorado (USA) with the beautiful scenery of the calm Maroon lake in the middle of green lush fields of wild flowers that mirrors the world's most photographed "twinfourteeners Maroon Bells. It is a true nature's masterpiece to behold and feel as the view is truly breathtaking and spectacular!
M – Midnight Sun in Norway 
Another one -of- a kind summer experience I had was seeing Midnight Sun in Trondheim,Norway's. Yes!During the summer months, Norway doesn't get dark at night and that goes for the whole country. So I was very lucky to be roadtripping that summer from Sweden to Norway and back when I noticed that the sun stays in the sky around the clock. The midnight sun is indeed phenomenal!!

N-New York's Niagara Falls
I was amazed by the titanic size and majestic cascades of the Niagara Falls in upstate New York during my July 30,2011 visit.It is an experience of a lifetime to come face -to- face with the pounding waters during the half hour scenic Maid of the Mist boat tour and observed the majesty and beauty of both the American and Horseshoe Falls from the Observation Tower.
 O'ahu Island Obsession 
O'ahu is the third largest Islands in the US state of Hawaii. Dubbed as "The Gathering Place", O'ahu is shaped like diamond, surrounded by Ocean and divided by mountain ranges. The largest and state capital city Honolulu  is located also in O'ahu along with well-known features - Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, Hanauma, Kane'ohe Bay, Kailua Bay and North Shore.
Parasailing is a breathtaking and thoroughly enjoyable adventure that is better experienced in the summer. I had my first stint of this exhilarating human kite -suspended- in- the -air experience circling around Sapi Island while enjoying the spectacular view of the city of Kota Kinabalu and the other islands of Manukan,Mamutik, Gaya and Siulog. It was unparalleled fun!!

Quintessential Experience is what Aspenites call a ride up the Silver Queen Gondola  in the summer! And once atop the Aspen Mountain, you'll have access to amazing hiking, mountain biking trails, disc golf, kids' games, hulahoops, concerts and fine dining with the great views! Life at 11,212 feet is pure bliss!

R-Rock Climbing in Colorado 

Summer's rock in Rocky Mountains Colorado (USAwith a summer favorite sport - Rock climbing. Climb the castle -tower shaped  Rock Park  and hike up the steps of the Red Rocks  in Denver, like how it was in the Amazing Race!  Both climbs were rocky (pun intended) and steep but the breathtaking, panoramic views of the Downtown, I-25 corridor, Pikes Peak, Front Range and the City of Denver were all worth it! 
SSingapore Summer Fun  
So many things to do in Singapore in the summer - there's the Luge and Skyride, Animal Encounter, Merlion, Castle Illumination, Palawan Beach in Sentosa, Universal Studios and Singapore Flyer (a magnificent wheel capsule standing at stunning 165m, with a height of a 42-storey building and treating every rider to a visual 360° feast of iconic and historical landmarks of Singapore at every turn)

T- Turn On With Atlantic City(NJ) 

Summer in Atlantic City in New Jersey (USA), the so-called Las Vegas, the Sin City of the East Coast is a huge turn on (though i'm not a gambler) since it is like a huge theme park, with lots of day and night attractions which are not casino or gambling related. There I found lots of people enjoying fun-in-the-sand activities since Atlantic City is a seaside paradise and everything can be found along the World Famous Atlantic City Boardwalk. 

U- Utah Dream

My Utah Dream came into fulfillment in the summer of new millennium. With it's 5 national parks (Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion), 7 national monuments, 2 national recreation areas, 6 national forests, and numerous state parks, ample rivers and lakes, places to camp, canyons with cooler temperatures and shady trails, and historic monuments, I have a summer full of adventure, culture, and history rolled into one! 
V- Victorious in Vietnam

We felt victorious last summer 2009 in Vietnam getting to know Ho Chi Minh City and beyond, overcoming my fear of the motorcycles, meeting the locals, tasting their food, absorbing their relaxing culture like water puppetry and coffee shops, going through the Cu Chi tunnel and doing the best summer activity that is free and easy -  walking. 

Washington DC's Wrap-Up
Washington DC is a unique 222 year-old American city and United States' capital (officially founded on July 16, 1790) where you can have a day of fun and wonderful historical learning during the summer. Experience a warm Welcome at the White house, the seat of government, world's biggest and largest seat - the "Big Chair", WWII Memorial, the U.S. Capitol, the Mall's Reflecting Pool, Washington MonumentWhile you're there, watch history thru a Supreme Court rulingwalk across the street to 100-year-old Union Station to get inspired by its beautiful architecture and then  take a train ride to break from the summer heat
X – Xtreme  Summer in Malaysia  
Xtreme Park inside Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia is full of adrenaline-filled thrills best enjoyed in the summer like Buffalo Bills Coaster ride. bridge crossing (overcame my fear!) , log rides and water adventures where I pushed my physical and mental limitations a bit more as in My Journey to Gutsiness. 
Y-Youthfulness in Paris (France)
As an ever-charming city, Paris is a wonderful place to wander around its beautiful streets and feel young with the stunning views of the city during the summer - visiting the Louvre, River Sienne, Arc de Triomphe, Notre dame Cathedral, Champs - Elysees, Montmartre,and the Eiffel Tower.
Z-Zambo Fun in Cambodia
My encounter with Zambo (or Sombo, the 51 year old, female elephant at the Wat Phnom temple in Phnom Penh, Cambodia made my summer like no other. Well we didn't meet Sombo for the back ride, but just so I can see an elephant up-close for the first time and to feed her with fruits before enjoying other touristy stuff in the area. 

(Note: I just learned that since January 2012, tourist will no longer see Sombo standing for up to 9 hours a day, 4 days a week, with a heavy chair on her back because the petition to give her a well-deserved retirement and live a peaceful life receiving daily medical treatment won).

(Watch out for More Fun In The Philippines Summer Alphabet and Winter Adventures Around The Globe)


  1. Nainggit ako sa midnight sun atty! Pangarap ko yun!

    1. Thanks for checking the page though it is still under construction hehe..midnight sun in Norway and other parts of Northern Europe is phenomenal Renz! i'm sure u'll see it!

  2. To me, you are the most well traveled from all of the bloggers that I know and have stumbled upon. And believe me, you've literally gone places! I hope and pray that you never run out of amazing things to do in your life, especially when it comes to exploring new places, Ms. Mhe-Anne. =)

    1. thank you so much Mai for following my adventures and for this inspiring comment and prayers for me. really appreciate and pray that life give you wonderful surprises and travels as well!!

  3. Motto: To travel the world.

    I wrote this when I was in Grade 4, well

    ... yearsssss after, it came true! via YOU!!!

    ....yearssss after, I'm still dreaming!, and it is still my motto! LOL!

    thanks for the glimpse of my dream!

  4. You've been to around the world..
    Ingit mode on!
    hahaha! magagawa ko rin yan..
    I dream of the day that the wisdom I gained as I age is because I can consider myself well traveled. :)

  5. Ang Galing! I hope I could get to tour around the world someday. ^_^


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