About Mhe-Anne and Her Comings and Goings!

My blog "My Comings and Goings" is the online version since October 11,2008 of my journal which I started keeping in 1987 in response to the admonition of a Latter Day Saints prophet President Spencer W. Kimball. He said “... Begin today and write in it your goings and comings, your deepest thoughts, your achievements and your failures, your associations and your triumphs, your impressions and your testimonies".

And why do I blog? Initially, I was just convinced by my prince to keep a blog since blogging or journal writing on a website becomes the trend. Through this blog, I can account and show my family, loved-ones, relatives, friends and colleagues, my journey through life ...through written words and photos of special events, trips, accomplishments and the wonderful people that make this journey worth taking.

In January 1, 2009 I agree with the
10 Reasons Why You Should Blog .

And who is Mhe-anne? An only daughter, a sole sister of three brothers, a good friend, a Couch Surfing host, a student leader, an adventurer, a collector, a traveler, a teacher, a lawyer, and an active Latter-Day Saint...


10. Arriving at the Philippines airport and having a kind, energetic friend with a vehicle and driver ready to pick you up.

9. Amazing travel agent abilities, including apartelle-reserving abilities and the ability to run into the MRT or LRT (in order to get a seat) faster than any other person in the Philippines

8. Free pamasahe (hee hee)

7. Willing to wait approximately four hours in case you're late (ha ha)

6. Great story teller and conversationalist,especially concerning relationships and "very loving" people

5. Professional match-making abilities

4. Intellectual stimulation and discipline (law school teacher)

3. Therapist services in case you're dealing with a difficult situation

2. Frequent temple patron and party animal

1. A very fun, caring, and enjoyable person who will help you have a great time!

Lakbayan Philippines Grade

My Lakbayan grade is A!

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0.1% most cities visited - Philippines
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