2001 Things To Do (Life Is A Journey)

I stumbled upon a book entitled "2001 Things To Do Before You Die" (click to see Posts)" by Dane Sherwood. It has all sorts of cool things to do -serious, funny, mundane, wonderful, ridiculous, crazy, or inspiring that one can do before he hits the twigs. Simple tasks to silly pranks, from charitable deeds to risky feats, from sweeping lifesyles changes to dramatic philosophical transformations, from mundane to sublime to the ridiculous. All in the list I have already done and strike through those I have already blogged about...Below unnumbered are those that are in the book but I still haven't done or check off...

1. Have a dimsum for breakfast

Eating Dimsum For Breakfast

2. Spelunk

Go Spelunking

Survivor Finale and my Spelunking Adventures

3. Pay your parents back for college
4. Shake hands with someone famous 

Blog Post: Shaking Hands With Someone Famous

5. Get a professional make over

Getting Professional Make-Over

6. Suddenly decide and leave for a trip

7. Stay in bed all day

8. Give someone a reason to believe in God

9. Lobby

10. Write a letter to the editor

11. Discover a new talent

12. Communicate without words

13. Spend one month without a car

14. Spend one month without television

Spending A Month Without Television

15. Spend one month without a radio

16. Do an open-mike night

17. Clean out your closet and give your throw away clothes and shoes to the poor

18. Donate books

19. Interview your friends on video camera

20. Read to children

20. Give a taxi driver some advice

21. Write your high school teacher a thank-you note

22. Become familiar with duende

Becoming Familiar With Duende

23. Take an acting class

24. Spend a day with a toddler

Spending A Day With Toddler

25. Protect the innocent

26. Dry some flowers

27. Go on a silent retreat

28. Start a new political party

29. Travel alone

Traveling Alone

30. Parasail

31. Teach someone to read

32. Learn to sew

33. Read, understand, and memorize three poems

34. Haggle ...and win

Somethings You Can Do In New York Before You Die

35. Learn a new computer program

36. Press some flowers

37. Learn to play an instrument

38. Skinny-Dip

39. Catch fireflies

40. Visit a monastery

41. Learn to sail

42. Attend a Catholic Mass

43. Fast for three days (just bread and water)

44. See the Great Wall of China

45. Swim with Dolphins

46.Pain your bedroom hot pink (red or black)

47. Ride Space Mountain

Riding Space Mountain

48. See a laser light show at a planetarium

49. Spend some time in a third world country

50. Surf

51. Catch the bouquet

Three Wedding Related Stuff To do Before You Die

52. Roll your own sushi

53. Sit in first class

54. Bottle your own preserves

55. Provoke

56. Send someone a "just thinking of you" card

57. Have your palm or tarot cards read

58. Walk on the beach in winter

59. Order yourself a birthday cake

60. Rearrange all the furniture in your living room

61. Leave your umbrella and take a walk in the summer rain

62. Be the guest of honor at your own party

63. Talk a cop out of a ticket

64. Watch a baby being born

66. Read or listen closely to "I have a dream"

67. Vote

68. Plan the perfect April Fools' Day prank

Planning Perfect April Fool's Day Prank

69. Become a Scrabble Champ

70. Win an argument

71. Let someone else win an argument

72. Try on your partner's clothes

73. Call your mother

74. Get call waiting

75. Get rid of call waiting

76. Plant a tree

77. Change your first name

78. Clean up your room

79. Make paper dolls

80. Fly a kite

81. Swallow your pride

82. Inspire someone

83. Send everyone you know a valentine

84. Make a giant chocolate chip cookie

85. Give a rousing or moving speech

Speech at PSOHS Recognition Day

86. Go night-swimming in a light rain

87. Scream as loud as you can

88. Write to an athlete you particularly admire

89. Plan an entire solo weekend

90. Impress the boss

91. Line dance

92. Interview your grandparents about their childhoods

93. Research your family tree

94. Write a Haiku

95. Win a trophy

96. Be an expert witness

97. Mediate a dispute

98. Change jobs

99. Memorize all the Dialogue of your favorite movie - A Few Good Men!

100. Love more than once

101. Live beyond your means

102. Witness a miracle

103. Surf the net

104. Box

105. Keep track of love

106. Attend a school reunion

107. Win an election

108. Chair a board

109. Learn to eat rice with chopsticks

Learning To Eat Rice With Chopsticks

110. Burn sandalwood incense

Burning Sandalwood Incense

111. Play with puppies

112. Make a photo album or collage for your best friend

Making A Photo Album/Collage For Your Best Friend

113. Watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on a big-screen TV

114. Read the Bible

115. Witness a revolution

116. Put glow-in -the-dark stars and asteriods in your room

117. Catch a butterfly, then let it go

Catching A Butterfly And Letting It Go

118. Protest something

119. Levitate someone

120. Learn how to give a great back rub

121. Get your name mentioned on national television

122. Have a mentor

123. Submit your manuscript

124. Smile at someone on the subway

125. Collect seashells

126. Sleep on sundried sheets

127. Pay off your mortgage

128. Get quoted in a major magazine

129. Stay an extra day

130. Visit the house where you were born

131. Start a conversation with a stranger

132. Organize a family reunion

Organizing Family Reunion

133. Chase rainbows

134. Carry someone else burden

135. Color with crayons

136. Throw a surprise party

137. Admit that you don't know

138. Start a tradition

139. Play Santa for a needy family at Christmas

140. Write a fan letter

141. Throw a shower for a single friend

142. Start a Newsletter

143. Hit the road

144. Teach English as a second language

145. Catch a snowflake on your tonque

146. Tear down a wall, literal or otherwise

147. Go fishin'

148. Inhale

149. Don't take the day off; take two

150. Do nothing

151. Soak in a hot tub

152. Become the president of something

153. Show up

154. Slow up

155. Shut up

156. Get a really good foot massage

157. Cut off a bad relationship

158. Chuckle

159. Change your mind

160. Learn the difference between early and late

161. Take your time

162. Frame all your accomplishments

163. Congratulate and praise lots more people

164. Smell the flowers, the cooking, the rain and the sweat

165. Be gainfully self- employed

166. Be a big sister to a kid

167. Watch the sun rise on a Hawaiian isle

168. Bake brownies

169. See how far you can swim underwater

170. Own a King-size bed

171. Move

172. Take a walk in the woods at night when it's snowing

173. Write what you remember before you forget

174. Hand up on an unwanted caller

175. Baby sit

176. Be a Die Hard Fan - San Miguel Beer Basketball Team

177. Play badminton

178. Write an anonymous letter

179. Keep a journal

180. Organize a Potluck Supper

181. Get involved

182. Finish school

183. Ride the Circle Line Around Manhattan

184. Ride a cable car in San Francisco

185. Ride a merry-go-round

186. Stop making New Year's resolution

187. Have only one or two credit cards

188. Collect Autographs

189. Live without a phone for a full seven days

190. Practice smiling

191. Keep an aquarium

192. Share the wealth

193. Separate from your significant other for one month

194. Buy a sarong

Buying A Sarong

195. Visit the sick

196 Stretch every muscle everyday

197. Eat your vegetables

198. Enjoy the moment without expecting it to last

199. Make your own lunch

200. Say things like "Eureka", "Hallelujah" and "balderdash"

201. Be the last to stop applauding

202. Mend a broken heart

203. Figure out how to make enough money

204. Have only one PIN number

205. Teach leadership

206. Eat dessert first

207. Get a facial

208. Get to know your neighbors

209. Drink the milk from a coconut with a straw

Drinking Coconut Milk Using A Straw

210. Walk across a suspension bridge

211. Swim with the sharks

212. Take the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

213. Get a doctorate

214. Take a course at or get a degree fro Harvard

215. Get out of debt

216. Wear silk pajamas

217. One day spend $1000 in cash on at least six things

218. Pursue the one you love

219. Give a keynote address

220. Fall asleep counting your blessing

221. Learn to use a gun, but never have to

Learning To Use A Gun But Never Have To

222. Grow long hair

223. Whale watch

224. Grow long hair

225. Be a pen pal

226. Float

227. Introduce two people who soon get married

228. Partake in a demonstration

229. Depose a witness

230. Use a seesaw

231. Move an audience to tears

Speech at PSOHS Recognition Day

232. Wear pajamas all day long

233. Know where you stand

234. Eat candy for breakfast

235. Tell your age proudly

236. Be the life of the party

237. Smile,relentlessly, at a grumpy person

238. Have a picnic on the beach in February

Five Things You Can Do In San Francisco Before You Die

239. Start a trend

240. Order from the kid's menu

241. Shop at a farmer's market

242. Play with your food

243. Reread old love letters

244. Rekindle a flame

245. Set an example

246. Discover the roots of your first name

247. Ask for a discount

248. Astonish and amaze yourself

249. Sign autographs

250. Become familiar with the facade of Notre Dame de Paris

251. Contemplate beauty at Sainte-Chapelle in Paris

252. Pay your respects

253. Change someone's mind

254. Have passion for your work

255. Let the phone ring

256. Practice sitting up straight

257. Fall in love on a first date

258. Start a pillow fight

259. Invite your friends over for a slumber party

260. Be a godparent

261. Wow your friends with your karaoke routine

262. Track down someone who influenced you

263. Wear a wig

Wearing A Wig & Doing The Hustle

264. Make a fuss over your mom's cooking

265. Sweep someone off his feet

266. Be swept off your feet

267. Lose your cool

268. Pretend you don't speak English

269. Wear sunglasses at night

270. Wear two different shoes

271. Indulge in two - hour body massage

278. Watch a session of Congress from the visitor's gallery

279. Achieve greater family happiness

280. Read the fine print

281. Close the biggest deal you'll ever make

282. Face everyone else in the elevator

283. Wear a lei

284. Love a teddy bear
Loving a Teddy Bear

Loving A Teddy Bear

Precious Moment With Teddy

285. Wonder

286. Play in Madison Square Garden

287. Forecast the future

288. Wear the pants

289. Press the mute button

290. Moonlight with your hobby

291. Throw strikes

292. Leave the place in better shape than you found it

293. Leave the bed unmade, the toilet seat up, and the toothpaste cap off - just once

294. Write out your plan for life

295. Buy nothing for a weekend - not even public transportation

296. Sit in an empty church

297. Cry copiously

298. Approach each new year with unchecked enthusiasm

299. Spot oxymorons

300. Track whitetail deer through the woods

301. Let someone else win an argument

302. Memorize people's scent

303. Absorb

304. Wear your seatbelt

305. Tell the chef the pizza is perfect

306. Learn to read music

307. Hula-Hoop

308. Mesmerize

309. Leave work early and take your family to dinner and a movie

310. Listen to the sound of love

311. Splurge on the wedding dress of your dreams

312. Stand the test of time

313. Spit off the Eiffel Tower

314. Paint your toenails

315. Make your own pizza

316. Spend New Year's Eve in Times Square

317. Daydream for a whole day

318. Tell fortunes

319. Toast marshmallows

320. Genuflect and bow your head

321. Get around, get off, get away, get ahead, and get together

322. Watch an egg hatch

323. Fall head-over -heels in love

324. Take part in heaven on earth

325. Be more careful esp.around ladders

326. Open all the windows

327. Get engaged at least once

328. Ask him to marry you

329. Breath deeply

330. Kiss people on both cheeks

331. Create an annual family ritual of some kind

332. Amaze

333. Decide on a favorite color and a lucky number

334. Take one day at a time

335. Brainstorm

336. Laugh out loud

337. Keep the sabbath

338. Have a day of rest

339. See if acupuncture works for you

340. Play with clay

341. See a full eclipse

342. Appreciate the love handles

343. Contemplate your navel

344. Study the lessons of history

345. Touch your elbows behind your back

346. Rent a jukebox

347. Meet your lover at a motel

348. Negotiate a better deal

349. Network

350. Share the profits

351. Supplement your income

352. Clean up the mess

353. Give up being perfect

354. Bathe in the lap of luxury

355. Be childlike, not childish

356. Read bedtime stories

357. Read the Beatitudes

358. Caveat emptor

359. Know the way out and the way in

360. Consider the opposite

361. Wear a virtual reality helmet

Wearing Virtual Reality Helmet

362. Allow yourself an outburst

363. Sing in a glee club, a capella group

364. Meet the love of life's ex, and shook her hand and say "thank you"

365. Fall in love on public transportation

366. Tell everyone special to you that you love them

367. Spend a few days in a place where you are the minority

368. Understand what loneliness really means

369. Buy the best seat in the house for a play with great reviews

370. Roll down a small hill

371. Hustle

372. Quarrel calmly

373. Drop names

374. Ask for a raise

375. Give raises

376. R.S.V.P

377. Be serious

378. Let your hair down

379. Save your leftovers and give them to the hungry

380. Sin no more

381. Sponsor a team, (a race car, or a fund - raising event)

382. Stroll the Champs-Elysees

383. Win a spelling bee

384. Surround yourself with trust

385. See the good in those with whom you differ

386. Hear a newborn baby cry

387. Mingle


389. Immerse yourself in another culture

390. Stop daydreaming and seek your fortune

391. Read all the stuff that come home from school

392. Reach out and touch someone

393. Start with the air you breathe and list all the good things in your life

394. Get eight hours of sleep every night

395. Lead, follow, or get out of the way

396. Live without a cellphone

397. Locate and call a childhood friend you haven't communicated with at least twenty years

398. Try being a vegan

399. Write all that you remember of your family history for the next generation

400.Invite all of the childhood friends you can find to a reunion at your residence

401. Detect a forgery

402. Sing at a wedding

403. Sponsor a needy child

404. Travel the world by reading

405. Overcome adversity

406. Survive

407. Comfort the afflicted

408. Have your own website

My Comings and Goings
Lawyering's Ins and Outs

409. Gather a bunch of friends for a Halloween hayride

410. Live within your means

411. Release balloons in church

412. Get your teeth whitened

Having My Teeth Whitened

413. Be a game show contestant

Eat Bulaga's Pinoy Henyo

414. Put down the toilet seat

415. Enjoy Intercourse, Pennsylvania

416. Take a month of weekends

417. Go back to where you came from

418. Wear flowers in your hair

419. Spoil kids every once in a while

450. Be extravagant with your praise

451. Earn royalties

452. Make a wish upon a star

453. Have a best friend who's really honest when you need it

454. Let your hair down

455. Wear a milk mustache in a "Got Milk?" ad

456. Thank everyone

457. Be accountable

458. Sing back- up

459. Define your utopia

460. Be intimate with

461. Have great friends

462. Have friends in high places

463. Have friends in low places

464. Exercise restraint

465. Cultivate grace

466. Eat a ripe mango

Eating Ripe Mango

467. Ride in a sidecar

468. Witness a death

469. Make your parents (and children) teary with pride

470. Play spin the bottle

471. Speak your piece

472. Speak your peace

473. Tour the Louvre

474. Take a self-defense course

475. Read aloud Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

476. Turn off the television and go look at the stars

477. Squeeze a glass of fresh orange juice

478. Acquire meaningful Christmas ornaments

479. Eat less fat

480. Eat more fat

481. Buy this book

482. Count up everything in these pages you've already done

483. Live

484. Busking in a Foreign Country

Busking In A Foreign Country

485. Getting Naked in Jacussi

Getting Naked In A Jacussi

486. Swimming Under Water

Swimming Under Water

487. Hanging A Hammock

Hanging A Hammock


- Rent an apartment on the Seine for two months
-Catch a foul ball at a professional baseball game
-Organize a food drive for the needy
-Have your immigrant ancestors' names engraved on the plaque at Ellis Island
-Have Pizza the way it was made in Bronx Bars in the 1940s
-Light a Candle on the Holocaust Memorial Museum 's Hall of Remembrance
-Learn to Drive a stick shift
-Master the art of letter-writing
-Start a Barbie Collection
-Eat Alligator
-Become so good at white water rafting that you can be a guide on the most difficult rivers

Becoming So Good At White Water Rafting
- Ride a gondola in Venice
- Ride an Elephant
- Walk a suspension bridge
- Milk a cow
- Reconstruct a dinosaur
- Pay Off Your School Loan (which I don't have yet!)
- Be a riot grrrl
- Listen to Mozart's Requiem without interruption
-Find the perfect Peking Duck
-Be a docent in a museum
-Scuba dive in the waters of Micronesia
-Busk (perform for money) in a European country
-Make your own bread
-Attend the Olympics
-Cut a demo tape at a recording studio
-Meditate with monks
-Spend sometime with the Amish or the Mennonites
-Ice-skate by candlelight at midnight
- Go some place where you will see a moose, a bear, or a golden eagle in the wild
-Memorize the Gettysburg Address
-See a bullfight

-Be an extra on a movie
-Learn the first five Amendments
-See a green iceberg
-See the aurora borealis from Denali
-Travel at warp speed
-Donate some body parts
-Pay for the next car at the toll booth
-Memorize Hamlet's "What a piece of work is man" speech
-Skywrite a message to someone
-Get married at Cinderella's Castle at Disney World
-Make a religious pilgrimage - to Mecca, Santiago de Compostela, Jerusalem , or Graceland
-Master the pregnant pause and dead-pan delivery
-Change your name to have all the letters in lower case
-Score a period hat trick
-Read Joyce's Ulysses without a trot
-Hang - glide in Chamonix
-Watch the sun set on Santorini
-Swim in each of the seven seas
-Record a duet with Tonny Bennett
- Be able to explain Einstein's theory of relativity
-Awake to the sounds of macaws or spider monkeys in a tropical rain forest
-Crash a ritzy party
-Testify before Congress
-Participate in a moonlit drum circle
-Create a zine
-Build a tree house
-Attend a Star Trek convention
-Swim in Icelandic hotsprings at sundown
-Decoupage a table
-Spend a day at a nursing home
-Play hide and seek with your partner
-Take a natural mud bath
-Read Atlas Shrugged
-Leave some cookies in your mailbox for the mailman
-Ski Tuckerman's Ravine
-Fossil Hunt
-Find a long, straight road and see how fast you can go
-Learn French, German or Swahili
-Pogo-stick with children
-Volunteer at the monkey house at the zoo
-Ride the Coney Island Cyclone three times in a row
-Paint polka dots on your sneakers
-Experience 1000 types of love
-Have a tremendous, rollicking, soaking wet, water pistol fight
-Prepare a seven-course meal for ten of your closest friends
-Compete in the eco-challenge
- Ride in a dune buggy
-Attend a Democratic or Republican convention
-Protest at a Democratic or Republican convention
-Crochet or knit a sweater
-Bungee - jump off a bridge
-Finish a marathon (without throwing up)
-Horseback-ride on a Costa Rican beach at dawn, clothing optional
-Be a captain of a ship, a spaceship, or a submarine
-Go on a scientific expedition
-Shoot a crossbow
-Swallow a goldfish
-Own a velvet Elvis
-Create an unforgettable ad campaign
-Go paintballing
-Leave someone a $100 tip
-Hot-air balloon over a desert
-Do Outward Bound
-Invent or patent something
- Go down the Snake River in a dory
-Fill a time capsule with magazines, CDs, photographs, letters, and T-shirts, then bury it
-Ride a boxcar for a couple of days
-Bake a rhubarb pie from scratch
-Venture cross country on a Harley
-Ride a bicycle built for two
-Visit a synagogue
-Attend a Unitarian Universalist service
-Win a Kewpie doll
-Actually listen to a Jehovah's Witness
-Get Your Photo Taken at Katmandu
-Do a backflip on a trampoline
- Run with the bulls in Pamplona
-Volunteer at a national park
-Watch the Cartoon Network for 24 hours
-Read Invisible Man
-Build a table
-Prepare a lobster dinner
-Read Dante's Inferno
- Make your own ice cream
- Watch Spinal Tap
-Invent an Identity
- Learn to say the alphabet backward
-Sit in a skybox at a sporting event
-Spend sometime in Appalachia
-Dance in the gazebo while on the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg
-Stay at a Spanish parador
-Bathe in the Ganges
-Become a Monty Python expert
-Have a local restaurant deliver breakfast in bed for two
-Hire a violinist to play while you and a loved one have dinner
-Read Lady Chatterley's Lover
-Grow an amaryllis
-Don't shave for a few days
-Stomp grapes in Tuscany
-Have a designer create your personal stationery
-Have someone else clean your place from top to bottom
-Call a radio station and dedicate a song to your mom
-Take a bateau ride on the Seine
-Shoot the rapids
-Build a bird house
-Go to a religious revival
-Indulge your most private fantasy
-Wear a fez, turban or fedora
-Trek the Himalayas with a Sherpa
-Dress Up Like Santa Claus and play it to the hilt
-Perform a citizen's arrest
- Find out what auld lang syne really means
- Adopt a kitten, a skunk or a greyhound
-Drive a Maserati
-Learn the names of ten constellations
-Have a bowl of Corn Pops or Peanut Butter Cap n' Crunch
- Like a piece of art without knowing why
- Shave your head

- Savor moonshine
- Be on American Idol
- Retire Young
- Live in Wyoming or Montana
- Learn to ride Western like the Marlboro Man
- Pay respect at the beaches of Normandy
- Throw a coin in the Fontana di Trevi in Rome
- Touch the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square
- See the Loch Ness monster
- Sleep with a ghost in the room
- Listen to all of Frank Sinatra's recordings
- Look cool in a six-foot stocking cap
- Learn Morse code
- Hit the jackpot
- Make chocolate chip pancakes
- Learn The Rocky Horror Picture Show routine by heart
- Start a wave at a stadium

- Wake up next to Brad Pitt
- Become an eccentric billionaire and run for president
-Win the Palme d'Or at Cannes
- Shave off your beard

- Wine Tasting in Sonoma County,California
- Have multiple orgasms
- Drink a mint julep at Kentucky Derby
- Throw your panties at Tom Jones
-Crush a beer with one hand
-Blow smoke rings
-Do something scandalous
-Have a truly amazing one-night stand
-Buy a $100 bottle of wine and share it with your oldest friends
-Grow a beard
-Smoke a big fat cigar
-Rethink your stand on abortion


1. Get closer to "Traveling the Globe" by visiting a country in Africa or South America

2. Spend the winter holidays in Austria or Switzerland

3.Spend a couple of days going to shows in London

4. Get closer to "Seeing All Fifty (50) States by visiting a few more States

5. See the Taj Mahal

6. Ride a Camel to the Pyramids

7. Down an Imperial pint in London's Samuel Pepys pub on the Thames

Complete the 27 Sites on Lakbay Rizal @ 150

8. Be an A + Traveler on Lakbayan


                                 15  JOURNEYS TO TAKE IN 2012 

1.Learn the second stanza of the " Star Spangled Banner"

2. Learn to say "I love You" in ten different languages

3.Learn to sing " Happy Birthday" in three different languages

4. Take a four -year old to the zoo

5. Commit

6. Overcome your most dreaded fear

7. Leave love notes in large prints

8. Eat only the green M & Ms

9. Wall Paper Your Bathroom walls with old photographs

10. Approach each new year with unchecked enthusiasm

11. Read "A Christmas Carol:

12. Ask Him to Marry You

13. Save Up

14. Set Up a Scholarship

15. Go to a Professional Football Game and cheer for everyone on both teams

16. Learn All the Rules of Football

17. Acquire meaningful Christmas ornaments




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