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Sunday, April 1, 2012

UK Winter 2012: Superlatives Sights In London,England!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Calling my stay in London, England short is an understatement. I was in this iconic city for less than 24 hours only, in a two-day spread - 12 noon to 7pm on January 29, 2012 and then 9pm until 12 noon before my departure on February 2, 2012! 

With such limited time and broken schedule, my usual duo of  taking a  hop - on hop - off bus tour to explore more sights was not an option. But despite the odds, I was still able to see what I long to see, which are the "superlatives" attractions I might say. Thanks to my Couchsurfing host and co-Pinoy Travel Blogger friend Catherine Iblan for the itinerary and guided tour! 

1 British Museum is a neoclassical building where our national hero spent most of his time when in London. To date, it is the biggest and greatest museum in the world  with incomparable  collection of archaeology, prints and drawings, coins, medals and ethnography founded in 1753. 

2. Buckingham Palace is the principal residence of Queen Victoria since her accession to the throne in 1837. 

The biggest and most colorful attraction in Buckingham Palace is the Changing of the Guards which usually takes place at 11.30 am daily in the summer and every other day in winter months of August to April. This is the reason why I didn't get to see it . 

Houses of Parliament is the majestic Gothic style building officially known as the New Palace of Westminster built between 1837 and 1888. Occupying 8 acres, the building is home to the House of Commons, House of Lords, offices, libraries, dining hall and other rooms.

4 St. Paul's Cathedral is a beautiful Renaissance building dominated by splendid dome measuring 111 meter-high, the largest in the world after St. Peter's in Rome. 

5 Big Ben is the name popularly given to the majestic graceful 97m Clock Tower. But actually, this London's famous landmark is the nickname of the Great Bell that strikes the hours and weighs over thirteen and a half tons .

6 London Eye is the 135m tall observation wheel that is an extremely popular attraction in London. With 32 fully enclosed capsules, each accommodating 25 people,  the wheel rotates around 30 minutes to complete a full 360 degrees, affording riders a superb view of London's famous landmarks!

7 Hyde Park is the largest continuous open space in London with 635 acres shared with Kensington Gardens and is the most popular for being in the center of a bustling city.

9 St. James Park is the most beautiful of the royal parks consisting of 93 acres and dates back in the 16th century.

10 The Palace of Whitehall (or Palace of White Hall) used to be the largest palace in Europe from 1530 until 1698 before everything was gutted by fire except the Banqueting House. The over 1,500 rooms were occupied as the main residence of the English monarchs. 


Edmaration etc said...

Speechless! LOndon nga! I'm seeing some of the most famous landmarks in the world. Love it atty!

Budget Biyahera said...

Hello again! =) I still dream of going to the UK, especially to visit the Palaces! For some reason, I am drawn to such lovely exteriors & interiors. And must I say, for a short layover, you've managed to visit a lot of attractions! Well done =)

AJ said...

Wow, you've covered so much in the space of a few hours! And your photos are so fun. It looks bitingly cold though. Parusa yan sa picture-taking. You have to take your gloves off. :))

Unsugarcoated Reviews said...

Buti napagkasya mo yung limited time to see all those sights.

Kung ako yun, baka sa Museum lang ako nakapunta.

gagay said...

UK is one of my travel destination dreams since then..seeing friends and reading bloggers' posts made me envy them.. :(

Francis Balgos | Ang Pala-lagaw said...

You've covered a lot especially considering the limited time to wander around..
Superlative much!

Mary Jane said...

wow envy your dear!! you look you had a very great time going around there!! xx

marri said...

only in my dreams...
when can i travel the world?
will i ever see LONDON and its beauty?

it's a lovely place though.

Cha said...

Sama mo po kami Me-Ann! Hays kailan kaya ako makakapunta dyan sa London!

Traveling Morion said...

Hello poh ulet;) wow superlative dream q n makarating ng london or any part of europe,,,kulang ang 24hours to explore this beautiful place

Kathy Ngo said...

Ayaw ko na tingnan blog mo minsan ... nakakainngit e. Ganda ng places.

Hyanne said...

I wish I can visit those places, maybe in my dreams., it is quite expensive to visit Europe eh :)

OLAN | The Travel Teller said...

Waaaaahhhh. Naiingit ako Atty. :) nagkita pa kayo ni Cath. :)

Mhe-anne Ojeda said...

Oo nga Olan suwerte ko nameet ko na si Cath. parang nasa Davao lang kami watching the parade with you hahaha..perfect timing coz pagdating ko at pag alis off nya!

Travellers Confessions said...

Buti ka pa ang dami mong pictures ako dito na ako nakatira sa England parang dalawa lang yong picture ko sa Buckingham Palace. Taken in 2009 ewan ko ba nahihiya ako.

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