Sunday, March 18, 2012

Satan's Tactics and Christ's Solution

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda
Shadows of me and my friend/CS host Cath Iblan in London.
Check the next picture and you'll know why this is an illusion!
Scripture Block: 2 Nephi 26-30
Ward: Deparo, Novaliches Philippines Stake

Today's lesson in Sunday School contains some of Satan's illusions (something that deceives or misleads) intended to "detour, dilute, and divert" Latter - Day Saints' attention from the pure truth of God.  We can avoid being deceived by Satan's falsehoods, and remaining faithful to the truth. 

Cath is 5'9, I'm 4'10. Can't Be Same Height As in the Shadows.
My OWN list of Satan's tactics (2 Nephi 26-28)

1. he uses flaxen cord (i.e. cord made of thin, light strands).

2. through priestcraft

3. spread false, vain and foolish doctrines

4. false teaching to justify sin

5. not to worry about "committing little sin"

6. stir many to anger

7. causing people to Pride

8. pacify people and "lull" into carnal security (i.e. find security in following the appetites of the flesh or trusting in worldly objects or ideas)

9. lead people carefully

10. flattereth away

11. being at ease in zion

Solution: 2 Nephi 29-30

Studying the Book of Mormon will help us be alert and avoid becoming "at ease in Zion". President Ezra Taft Benson said: "The Book of Mormon exposes the enemies of Christ. It confounds false doctrines and lays down contention. (2 Nep. 3:12). It fortifies the humble followers of Christ against the evil designs, strategies, and doctrines of the devil in our day. The type of apostates in the Book of Mormon are similar to the type we have today. God, with his infinite foreknowledge, so molded the Book of Mormon that we might see the error and know how to combat false eductaional, political, religious, and philosophical concepts of our time". 


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