Saturday, February 4, 2012

UK Winter 2012: Touring Around London, England In Tubes!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda
The "TUBE" is what Londoners call London's Rail Network (primarily Underground) which is "subway" or "metro" for many Americans and "MTR" or "MRT" to  many Asians (including Manilenos (yay!)! 

 (aboard the Tube with CS friend/host Cath Iblan)

Though I am not good at commuting (and could hardly remember directions), I embraced the idea of traveling in tubes during my two-day stay in England's capital, London. Oh what a fun experience and smooth journey I had! The tube is not only the easiest way (with London's Oyster Card) but also the quickest transport around London, especially over long distances! 
(London Map & Guide and Oyster Card I bought at Heathrow Airport) 

The TUBE has thirteen (13) color - coded  service lines,  eleven (11) of which are Underground System, one (1) Overground and one (1) Automated.   The  TUBE MAP clearly indicate the beginning and end stations and stations that allow transfer between lines.  

1) Piccadilly Line  from north to west London running along stations Cockfosters to Heathrow, with Piccadilly Circus as the line's namesake.
I used this line much because Cath lives in Northwick Park so we start and end in this  tube station on Piccadilly line. This is the second longest line in the network (next to Central Line) and serves many of London's top tourist attractions like Hyde ParkBuckingham Palace and Leicester Square.

2) Bakerloo Line from south-east to north-west London, beginning from Elephant & Castle and ending at Harrow & Wealdstone. 
I got off at both Baker Street and Waterloo, this tube line's namesakes.

3) Central Line from east to west across London running from Hillingdon to Epping.
Central is the longest tube station in the network and we got off at Holborn to get to  the British Museum. This station is an interchange for Piccadilly Line.

4) Circle Line   a loop line around the centre of London on the north side of the River Thames
I was on Circle Line at Baker Street when I traveled back to Kingscross St. Pancras (to take the train to Humberside,England) frome Embankment Station (but didn't take  pictures since I was alone.)

5) District Line  run through London's central area from Wimbledon to Upminster or Edgware Road
District Line serves more stations than any other lines in the underground network. I was on it though only when it joins Piccadilly Line and Circle Line when I went to Westminster and St. James Park.

6) Hammersmith & City Line from North to West of London running between Piccadilly Lines and District Lines and separated by Hammersmith Broadway. 
At King's Cross St. Pancras where I bought ticket and took the train to Humberside, England to visit my nephew and his family, there's an interchange for Hammersmith & City Line.  

7) Metropolitan Line   runs from Amersham to Aldgate with branches in the southern and northern sections. 
This tube line was originally the Metropolitan Railway which was opened on January 10, 1863 and considered as the first underground railway in the world! 

8) Northern Line only line that runs two different routes through the centre of London. 
Northern Line is known to have carried the highest number of passengers than any line on the London Underground system. It has a platform at Bank Station. 

9) Victoria Line  run from the south to the north-east of London.

10) Waterloo & City Line  goes to Bank from Waterloo and vice - versa since this line serves only two stations and is considered the shortest railway.
The line passes under the River Thames.

11) Jubilee Line run in two major sections in Central London and East London, from Stanmore to Stratford.
This is the newest line on the London Tube network.

12) DLR (Dockland Light Railway) the first automated line and with direct interchanges on London Underground lines: Bank (Central, Circle, District and Waterloo & City),  Canning Town (Jubilee), West Ham (Hammersmith & City and District lines) and Stratford (Central and Jubilee).
13) Overground opposite of Underground lines but appear on the standard Tube Maps issued by Transport for London which consists of five lines and with network interchanges with Bakerloo, Central, District, Hammersmith & City, Jubilee, Northern and Victoria


  1. London is one of the world's where some of the structures were firstly built and being replicated by Filipinos. In fact, first engineering units used by Engineers like us (naks), is English unit which then replaced by metric system. I am so glad that you've now been to the first underground railway (subway in American) in the world.:-).

  2. wow English unit pala ang first engineering unit! i learned that from you Engr.Bonz! yea glad i stumbled upon the worlds first through travel and blogging!

  3. London is also my dream city, who has it all.. history, modern and classic architectures, and fashion! :)

  4. I would love to visit London and travel around places here that I get to see in magazines and movies only.:)

  5. it must have been very cold that day... balot na balot sa lamig ah... dito sa atin ang INIT

  6. Wow London! I've been reading them through travel brochures and from your pictures, you really had fun.

    Just a question though, sinisita po ba kayo ng mga security guard dyan for taking pictures?

  7. London will host this year's Olympics. Just curious if you will gonna ride the train again.

  8. i wish i can go to London in the future..

  9. Thanks Blair, Blanca, Romelo and Krystle for your comments. First time ko lang din sa London and with only two days there's always that feeling of wanting to come back!

  10. Mark we have not encountered any problem with taking pictures.Since maraming tourists sa London and the Tubes are world - famous security understands that shutter bug like me will take pictures! tons!!haha

  11. Ivan I'm still not sure if i would be able to come back for the Olympics. well i have no tickets for the game so most likely i won't come back for that, but I could for another reason.if that happens dami ko pang gustong puntahan. two days lang kasi ako sa London at 3 days sa ibang places sa England.

  12. My Aunt and Grandmother Live in London. I know na maganda dyan because of postcards I get from them. BTW, the train system looks complicated. Parang madaling maligaw if you are a first timer.

  13. The tube. Kelan kaya ako makakapunta jan? Pwede bang pa-hitch mam? :D

  14. It's amazing how London has created a system like this! Sign of wealth and power for those times.

  15. Wow, how colorful (I mean the post, not the Tube, hehe)! Your site is like a painting. :)

    And another wow for a comprehensive description of the different lines. I just came from Shanghai and there are 13 subway lines, but I don't think I have the perseverance to document them all! Great job, Atty!

  16. Paliits I'm sure darating ang time na yan soon! Edmar I was amazed how easy it was to commute in London. I dread taking public transportation here or abroad because I suck at directions.but when in HK last Aug. 2011 as a tour guide for my friends,I was forced to learn how to commute. It was fun pala and realized that only while in London! thanks to both for the comments.

  17. hey AJ! so love your comments - colorful, like a painting and comprehensive! I am learning to spruce up my blog and is trying the colors, fonts,and font size to see if it matches my taste.lots to be done but a good start I guess with those words from an AJ Poliquit!! Thank you.

  18. may flash pass ba yan parang dito sa pinas?

  19. You gave me an idea..
    I'm sometimes use MRT here in Manila but Ive never blogged about it..
    Maybe because I have nothing much to say..
    Your experience sure looks pleasant!
    and the effort you did, photographing each station, you must be very patient. :)

  20. You are so lucky to be able to see these beautiful places. I am in awe.

  21. London is on my bucketlist.. haha wish I could visit this beautiful place with my family. But for now I'll just enjoy travelling through your blog.. :D

  22. Ive been to London 3 times when I stayed in England for 5 months. It is one of the main transport of the people there aside cos of the cheapness and convenience. Tnx for bringing me back the memories. I missed England much. :)

  23. Stacy, sorry not sure what a flash pass mean. Is it permit to take photos in public place? I believe London don't have a rule. It is a very touristy place and so tourists will definitely take photos.lots of them as in my case.

  24. Wow! Lucky you for being able to travel around London! :-)

  25. Thanks Irene for dropping by.The trip to London was very short but I was grateful and feel lucky indeed! I am excited to write some more about the fun sightseeing there!

  26. love your post.. the best way to really go around London is by using the tube. I want to go to London someday and do the Harry Potter Tour..

  27. Wow! This is so amazing. Thank you, I learned something new about London. :)


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