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Sunday, February 19, 2012

TROUBLE: A Game Which Unites My Family!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda
(inside British Museum in London,England)

During my travel for six (6) weeks around the United States and United Kingdom, I was missing my United Family - my parents, 3 brothers and my sister-in-laws and their 11 kiddos! I miss spending time with all of them on Sundays in church and on Monday nights when we hold Family Home EveningsSo while I enjoy being away and checking new places with friends, I was surely happy to be back! 

(at NAIA 3 where All Nippon Airways (ANA) landed from Tokyo)

On lazy Sundays after attending church, I am happy to play games with the kiddos, esp. Allan and Belenda's kids (Ian, James, Shaznay Anne and Shanara Mae) who live with me . Our favorite game is TROUBLE! Yea, I know. It is the opposite of unity. But I tell you it is so much fun that we are all united in playing it!

 (Homecoming Sunday in Deparo Ward, Novaliches  waiting for my 3 brothers to finish priesthood duties)

TROUBLE is a board game I learned and bought in Tasmania (Australia).  It was made popular in the 1960's by the toy company Milton Bradley. It has been the favorite of my family since both adults and kids can play. NO age limit. Could be as young as 2 (like Shanara when she first played) so long as the player knows how to smash the  Pop-O-Matic dice roller.
 (Playing with James, Shanara, Shane after our Novaliches Stake Conference today)

TROUBLE is played with max of 4 players at a time. The board has 4 colored "playing pieces" (blue, red, green and yellow) with 4 -pieces each color. The players put their         4 playing pieces in the color-coordinated starting position that corresponds to the color of their 4 playing pieces.

Rules are simple so you won't have any trouble following. Just remember the SIX and you go!
1The goal of the game is to move all their 4 playing pieces to the color coordinated finish line or the "safe" zone.
2 To determine whose player should go first, each player take turns pressing the pop-o-matic. The person who gets the highest no. on the dice inside the popper goes first.
3 Only the player who pops a number six, can move one of his playing pieces from the starting position Then pops again and move his playing piece the amount of spaces that is on the popper.
 If the player does not pop a six, he can't move his playing piece from the starting position and the next player tries for the six. This continues until the player pops a six and can move the playing piece freely on the board.
Once the playing piece is on the board, the player can move it with the amount of spaces that are on the popper.
If your playing piece land on a space that has another player's piece in it already, you can kick that playing piece out, and claim the space. The player who owns that piece has to move that playing piece back to the starting point and wait to pop a six before it can get out again. 
I believe, this is why this game is called TROUBLE.

 (Justin, my 5 months old nephew,Nah.he doesn't yet play Trouble)

As in real life, it is  annoying and upsetting when someone kick - us out or inconvenienced us in some way. But as in this game, we can just laugh the troubles away and continue to try and try to pop a six and move all our pieces safely back home!!!


    M e k i said...

    awww. my dad has been away for 11 year in Riyadh. and everytime he comes home, we make sure he spend quality time with him. i know you really enjoyed this time with yours! we never played board games though hahaha

    Aleah | said...

    In my family, we played cards, scrabble, and word factory. In this age of computers and internet though we don't play together as a family as much as we did before. Kaka-miss.

    Mhe-anne Ojeda said...

    Hey Meki. quality time with our families make up one of the most rewarding, no matter how we spent it with them! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Mhe-anne Ojeda said...

    Hey Aleah dear. glad you still have time to drop by my blog on your backpacking Europe! I didn't share it in PTB and PTB bagets coz not entirely travel related, so I was surprised that you still able to find and comment on this post. Yea, our time with our families are the most cherished one esp.when we are gone for awhile! Enjoy your trip with wonderful memories of the card games, scrabble and word factory (our faves too!)

    stacy said...

    I love board games. OUr childhood is so much fun because of them.

    ROMELO | FreePlayMMO said...

    first time I've heard of this game... at home we love to play Pinoy Henyo... it's a guessing game popularized by Eat Bulaga...

    enzo said...

    I would love to have that kind of TROUBLE in the family.

    markpogi said...

    I missed playing board games for the longest time, especially when played with your family and loved ones.

    athena said...

    so adorable! :>

    violy vallester said...

    haha kami??? tong-its! ang aming "bonding" game... my mom's favorite.. may taya pa.. haha

    chrisair said...

    I love board game that's why I try to intro it to my son, I'm kinda miss it during my child days

    Earlied said...

    That game sounds younger brother loves to play chess with me but other than that..we always enjoy playing cards together with the rest of the gang. We sometimes play tong-its.
    You have a very healthy family bonding.

    Jenny O'Toole said...

    I don't remember we play board games. We like outdoor sports, like fishing competition as family, going for boat race competitions and if we were at home we will watch television balita, balita basketball at walang kamatayang tele-novela or mag-novena, magcross-stitch, mag-garden. And if I'm back home I love to sleep next to my mum. hehehe Sarap bumalik sa pagkabata.

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