Friday, February 10, 2012

33 Key Words (My) Traveler Beau Knows Which Makes Him A Great Date...

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

A month before I left for my first ever Europe trip in July 2007, my then law intern Mark asked me if Paris was on my list of places to visit. I told him it wasn't because I didn't know anybody there so will just be happy to scratch the surface of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Amsterdam. Mark then offered to meet me in Paris the first weekend of August 2007 (since he will be in London for a crash course about the same time I was vacationing in Europe). I happily nodded in agreement coz I knew he has been in Paris a year before and can show me some great sights. I also knew that my law intern whom I have been secretly dating for a few days was a confirmed traveler (i.e. a person who is travelling or visiting a place for pleasure) and has lots of frequent flyer miles on his sleeves! (Well, every week during his 8 weeks law internship in the Philippines, he has been to Malaysia, Seoul Korea, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and London!)
Paris and Amsterdam: 10 Telling Signs on Why A Traveler Is A Great Date!

And so we were meeting in (1) Paris, a place on everyone's bucket list being synonymous to history, culture and romance! But since my ticket for my Europe trip was already booked, it was Mark who gave me the idea that my Northwest Airlines (2) frequent flyer miles can be used for a (3) reward ticket for the Sweden-Paris-Amsterdam-Sweden leg since I only have to pay the taxes. The idea was for him to travel by (4) train from London to Paris while I deplaned at the Charles De Gaulle airport from Sweden, so he reminded me outright to (5) pack light (coz it wouldn't be fun carrying heavy loads as I migrate from places to places), sent me an (6) airport map, suggested that (7) subway was the cheapest and most efficient way to reach our hotel located near the Eiffel Tower (which he scored a great deal using his (8) hotel mileage in booking for our rooms). While in Paris, he brought me to the (9) sightseeing "musts" -  The Louvre, River Sienne cruise, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, Champs - Elysees, Montmartre, streets of Paris and the Eiffel Tower which was the backdrop for our first monthsary kiss  before he headed on an (10) impromptu trip to Amsterdam for more of the get-to-know- my traveler- sightseeing date!  

China Dates (Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Macau and Taipei): More Reasons Why A Traveler Is A Great Date!
The days, weeks, and months after the Paris - Amsterdam date proved more of my sweetie's  ability as a traveler as we conquered the most populous nation on earth - ChinaI learned more vocab that are inherently in him just because he travels a lot! 
And so it was. We flew on our separate flights from Philippines and New York (USA) respectively and met in (11) Shanghai known for its  'something old and something new' charms - for a post-Christmas and pre-New Year celebration. It was my second trip to Shanghai so Mark brought me to (12) Suzhou for a fun pedicab ride during a cold winter! (glad to have a human blanket huh!). On December 31, 2007 (our New Year's eve but not with the Chinese), we boarded the (13) overnight train on soft sleeper (a private compartment on train with two bunk beds separated from the aisle and fully equipped like a hotel room) and slept my way through China's capital (14) Beijing,stepping on its soil for the first time on the first morning of 2008, which was the perfect setting for our sixth-monthsary date. I will always remember that trip with vocabs such as (15) hostel accommodation recommended by Lonely Planet book near the Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City, (16) Peking Duck Banquet with his law school class, a (17) leisure gondola ride for short cut to the amazing  man-made structure in the world (18) - the Great Wall of China on Badaling side! 
For my birthday surprise in October that year too, Mark has invited me to meet up in (19) Hongkong  and proved me wrong with his off -the - beaten track itineraries in the New Territories as well as true birthday pampering with suite packages in two different hotels in just two nights! As a traveler, he truly (20) understands the need for checking off bucket lists

Off to (21) Macau to see the Venetian Hotel grandeur and the enjoyable shows at the casinos which of course weren't gambling related! In 2010, my traveler date asked me to join him in business trip to (22) Taipei to go up Taipei 101 after he has finished work for the week!

US Summer Trip: New York City, New Jersey, Atlantic City, Chicago,Niagara Falls, Kirtland & Cleveland (Ohio), Palmyra (NY), 
Last year, I get to join Mark for a month-long summer vacation in the US and discovered more reasons why it's more fun to date a traveler

A traveler knows that summer is spelled as (23) ROAD TRIPS and so we went to Atlantic City which is an hour drive from NJ and to  Chicago which is a 16 - hour ride each way and he didn't mind either way! He also knows by heart that every traveler must check-out the most romantic roar through the (24) Maid of The Mist Tour of Niagara Falls! And to put some springs on our travel, my traveler date brought me to (25) LDS Church Historic Sites in Kirtland (Ohio) and Palmyra (New York) and watched my first ever baseball game in the  (26) Yankee's stadium in New York City  between the Yankees and his fave team Washington's Mariners!

That summer too, Mark has shown (27) great skill in booking my plane tickets allowing me to travel to four countries in one day and aboard three new airlines - Asiana, All Nippon Airways, and United. 

US Winter Trips: New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Milford, Gettysburg, Hersheys (All in Pennsylvania),

Double take on my US Winter vacation with my traveler date means (28) more warmth despite the freezing below zero temperature because he is a traveler! Who would have thought about (29) Hot Hands until he handed me one during the New Year's countdown in Times Square (New York)! Learned later that he stuffed his car with this hand and body warmers to be handy when he travels from place to place with differing temperatures. I also realized that since my boyfriend is a traveler, (30) every weekend and holiday means suddenly going on a trip with a surprise hotel bookings for an overnight stay like what we did in Philadelphia and Hershey 'the sweetest place on earth'! 

Why I Would Continue to Date Mark the Traveler... (granting he wants to date me of course lol)

MAP (Mark Alan Poff) my traveler beau is a true blooded traveler (noticed the initial of his name?). I believe he was born to travel and I can think of 33 reasons (coz he just turned double three this year! H.B.) why I think so: he (31) helps me make the best possible travel arrangements - putting me on the best airlines (like when he change my flight from Continental to Virgin Atlantic on my flight to London) or making alternate booking arrangements in a snap of his fingers (how many times did I change my flights, anyone?). Because Mark is well traveled. he (32) advises me on ALL the places I want to visit - telling me the weather conditions, attractions, transportation, accommodations based on his own experiences (yea, he has been there!and last but definitely not the least, as a traveler (33) Mark just know perfect gifts for a fellow traveler date (takes one to know one huh) - Kindle Touch, pink colored luggage keys, Round Trip tickets (twice to US did you notice?), and a credit card and debit card! (this was a huge surprise!

And that's not he ages, I'm sure I will be adding another reason why a TRAVELER (particularly my prince!) is a great date! Call that cheesy. I agree. 

This is my entry to Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for February 2012 with the theme ‘Why Should I Date A Traveler?’ being hosted by Lauren Gaile of! While this may not be generally true for other travelers date, I tell you it is REAL for my prince, the only Traveler I dated for 4 1/2 years!! 

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  1. You're indeed very lucky to have your Prince :) Sana matuloy na yung "most awaited moment" :)

  2. that's sweet! hang sowsie ng mga trips - Europe tlga! so envious! :) so i guess i'm pressured na, lahat ata ng female travel bloggers frnds ko eh my foreigner traveler partners na ah! wahhh! like Claire, I;m also excited for the "much-awaited moment" nyo! ;)

  3. Yay Claire! thanks for the wish and may the wish come true like the super romantic dream wedding of yours with your traveler hubby! I am waiting to read your Blog Carnival post about it...

  4. hello Gael! thanks for dropping by.miss you girl and not sure where your noble pencil project trip brings you! hope to catch up with you at some point and join your cause.go go backpacking and surely you'll meet the traveling buddy who will sweep off your feet!!!

  5. whoa, round the world trip with your someone. ♥

  6. yea Chyng, the perks for having a traveler for a special someone!thanks for dropping by my blog. i like the heart icon! cutie!!

  7. its feel really happy when you are tripping with your love one..

  8. Speechless. I'm pressured! Haha. Baka mag-expect ung future wife ko ng ganito kasi I'm a self-proclaimed traveler kahit kuning-kuning lang. hahahaha.. RTW and sweet!

  9. Anyone out there who wants to be my date? :)

  10. What a great date indeed! Wishing you more travels together, as husband and wife! I'm sure he maybe planning it out already, just waiting for the right timing to pop out the big Q...

  11. and you are such a lucky ... super lucky girl!! unfortunately for me my bf is not a traveler! hehe.. he just let me be and he likes looking at my travel pics.. ;)

  12. i am so speechless !
    you've traveled so much !!! :D
    nice!!! :>

  13. Vacation Rental, Edmar,Enzo, Violy, Joy and Athena thanks for dropping by! Appreciate your sweet comments!!

  14. We been to France last year for 2 weeks. We had great fun with my family and my French language is a bit improve. This year London, Spain and Philippines is in our list.

  15. looks like you two had an adventure of a lifetime already

  16. aren't you the "luckiest" one!!! can i join your trips for free? lol! share naman how you found your traveler date :)

  17. Thanks Traveller's Confession, Stacy and Gemma for visiting my post and leaving comments! I feel really lucky to have a traveler for a prince charming naks. Gemma, he did his law internship in the Philippines with me as his boss. I used to be an international manager for the Manila office of a global corporation and his law major is business law so was great to be a cradle snatcher haha. No I wasn't that much older than him!

  18. WOW!!! Nainggit tuloy ako. Buti na lang, di gala wife ko. Kung hindi, baka butas na bulsa namin kaka-travel :D

  19. Hays sana payagan na ako ng neurosurgeon ko na mag travel muli! I miss travelling!

  20. Hays sana maka pag travel ulit ako at sana marating ko din mga napuntahan mo!

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