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Saturday, January 7, 2012

US Road Trip 2012: Love Abounds In Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda
If there's one place where you can be a little mushy all year round, I'd say it is Philadelphia. From Greek words philos (love) and delphos (brother),  Philadelphia. got itnickname the "City of Brotherly Love" quite literally. But does Philadelphia live up to its nickname? I personally say, oh yea!

(1) JFK Plaza (also: Love Park)
Dressed to nines in my red cardigan, our late afternoon winter walk brought us to JFK Plaza at the intersection of 16th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard in Center City. This park is dedicated to President John F. Kennedy in 1967 but was nicknamed Love Park because of the Love sculpture designed by Robert Indiana that was placed there in 1976.
I was ecstatic to finally find this sculpture which I couldn't locate around Taipei 101 in Taiwan's capital despite diligent search around the second tallest building in the world.

(2 Mother's Day Historical Marker

At Traffic Island between Market and Juniper Streets, I spotted a historical marker called Mother's Day which instantaneously reminded me of my mother and her love. The marker indicates that Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia founded Mother's Day in 1908 and the celebration received federal recognition in 1914 designating the second Sunday of May as Mother's Day .

(3) Philippines Flag, Benjamin Franklin Parkway
I couldn't be more happier seeing our Philippine Flag proudly waving along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway leading to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Flag exudes a feeling of pride and a source of inspiration and comfort. I posed awhile and put my right hand over my heart and paid my respect. Call that love of country.

(4) Rocky Steps - Philadelphia Museum of Art
Rocky Steps is the 72 stone steps before the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art  that was seen in the triple Oscar-winning film Rocky and its sequels Rocky II, III, IV and Rocky Balboa. Not only I was able to mimic Rocky's famous climb, but i was able to sit with my prince at the top of the steps and scored the most elusive photo opportunity with him while having a majestic view of the Eakins Oval, Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and the Philadelphia City Hall. 
And where's the other love? It was in the book called Rocky Stories: Tales of Love, Hope and Happiness at America's Most Famous Steps published by the two journalist of Philadelphia Inquirer as a result of their one year of interviewing people running up the steps.

(5) Board Game Art Park, "Your Move" 
Because I love board games, I totally fell in love with the Municipal Services Building Plaza at the west side of Broad between Arch and JFK near the City Hall. Giant game pieces from many popular board games like Monopoly, chess, dominoes, Bingo and Sorry! (I don't know this game but my prince said it is called like that!are scattered around the plaza and always available for viewing anytime of the day or night. The large scale game pieces is part of the Your Move installation by Daniel Martinez, Renee Petropoulis, Roger White in 1996.

(6) Hello Love! The Westin Philadelphia Hotel
(Note: Hello Love sign is not part of the wall decor)
I do love surprises and staying on a Saturday night at The Westin in downtown Philadelphia was no doubt a huge one! And I mean that literally - huge king size "heavenly bed", two shower heads in the bathroom (love that!), attached to the Liberty Mall and close to lots of shops and restos. For a spontaneous, last minute trip, I was totally surprised at the kind of hotel rooms my prince got! A 4-star and former Ritz Carlton hotel which I can't help but love!!!


Edmaration etc said...

Wow there is a Philippine flag there ate Mhe-Anne! Sabagay relate, they both start with "Phil." Lol

Mhe-anne Ojeda said...

hey Edmar. Thanks for dropping by my blog!! You're right may connect talaga ang Philippines sa Philly!

Vacation Rental Makati said...

its really flattered when you see philippine flag in other country..

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