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UK Winter 2012: Take 4 in Lincoln, England

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda
Any visitors to England who loves castles, cathedrals and history (like me!) should not miss-out the City of Lincoln located about two-hours north of London. The  fascinating buildings preserved in this small and compact city are living testaments of its colorful glory as  a medieval  "colonia" (or major townand an old capitol of the Roman province when this part of Britain was conquered by the Romans in AD48.
I was very lucky to be visiting my nephew Kenneth in Humberside, England which is about an hour away from the City of Lincoln,  and have Steve (his step-dad) as my willing driver and tour guide to this county town of Lincolnshire, England. Celebrated as one of  Europe’s great small cities, City of Lincoln boasts of many attractions within a short walk of the city centre. Perfect since we only have three-hours max to explore! 
There's so much to see and experience in the City of Lincoln and I am happy to TAKE 4  which includes a cathedral, a castle, an abbey and several other Romans remains I have spotted around the walls of this historically colorful medieval town .
1 Tour (for free or with entry ticketLincoln's prominent landmark visible up to 25 miles away and one of the finest Gothic buildings in Europe - the Lincoln 
Open as early as 7:15am until 6pm from Monday to Saturday (and on Sunday closes at 5pm), you are free to enter and enjoy the beauty of the nave (main body of church), contemplate inside the Morning Chapel or visit the shop. But if you want to explore further, just pay 6.00 pounds (Php 404.00) and you can take all scheduled tours any days of the week except on Sundays. Just choose either a floor, roof or tower.

Floor tours are from 11:00 am till 2pm and last about 30 minutes and you're free to leave the tour anytime. I thoroughly enjoyed this tour with our guide pointing out funny carvings on the wall around the nave and telling us the rich and varied history and love stories that took place in the Cathedral. I was glad to have spied the famous Lincoln Imp (and learn the legend. I'll tell you more below), within the beautiful carved walls of the Angel Choir.
If you are available by 1:30 pm (which we weren't) go for the Roof tour and marvel at the panoramic view of the city from the roof and admire the skill of the carpenters who built and maintain the roof with its glorious oaks.
If your visit falls on a Saturday and you have the energy to conquer the tallest building in the world for over 200 years (before its wooden spire collapsed following a storm in 1549), go take the Tower tour and climb up 300 steps!
For almost 1000 years, Lincoln Cathedral ( the first cathedral that was built in 1072) has been a place of worship and an area of peace and contemplation for all. It is also an architectural icon to behold.  The West Front of this Norman Cathedral is awe-inspiring with its fortress-like appearance with ounded arches and niches that still survived today.
I'm sure you noticed that I have toured and have taken pictures in all directions of the magnificent Lincoln Cathedral. But this thrilled me (and maybe you will too!): According to wiki travel, the Lincoln Cathedral used to double as Westminster Abbey in The Da Vinci Code movie. Did you know that?
(behind the Lincoln Cathedral)
2Accumulate and account the many Roman remains I have spotted in Historic Lincoln. Behind the cathedral are the excavated remains of the Roman east gate.
There's also an excavated remains of a Roman well (The Well In St. Paul of the Bail) on the north side of the Lincoln Castle at the junction of Westgate and Bailgate.
Steve is a native of Lincoln so he knows where the good stuff could be found even it would mean an ancient monument in a private land. This was the case with the ruins of Barlings Abbey,  a monastery by the Premonstratensian Order (following the strict order of St. Augustine)  which was founded in England in 1154. Currently, the ruins consist of only a mass of earthwork with just one imposing wall still standing. Access to the site is allowed by landowner.
3Know more about the symbol of the City of Lincoln -the  earliest flying buttresses, and a gargoyle named the Lincoln Imp and keep telling the legends associated with it.
"According to a 14th-century legend two mischievous creatures called imps were sent by Satan to do evil work on Earth. After causing mayhem in Northern England, the two imps headed to Lincoln Cathedral where they smashed tables and chairs and tripped up the Bishop. When an angel came out of a book of hymns and told them to stop, one of the imps was brave and started throwing rocks at the angel but the other imp cowered under the broken tables and chairs. The angel turned the first imp to stone giving the second imp a chance to escape."
4Experience the panoramic view of the City of Lincoln  atop the Lincoln Castle built on a steep hill in the 11th century by William the Conqueror just 2 years after the Romans' Conquest. 
The location of the Castle  was the core of the city and allowed the Normans a natural strategic position esp. with the Observatory Tower which was added by the prison governor John Merryweather not only as an observation post to catch escapees (but also for star gazing since he is an astronomer). 
After the picture-taking (shutter bug! me? wink* wink*enrich your knowledge with jaw-dropping history spanning the centuries from 60 AD to the present day. If you have the heart for ghostly reminders of the past, experience the only Victorian prison chapel of its kind.
You can also view the Magna Carta exhibit at the ground floor. Lincoln Castle houses one of only four surviving original copies of the Magna Carta, which was signed and sealed by King John in 1215.
And for legalese and history buffs like me, you should not miss visiting the 900 years old Crown Court sitting within the castle and still functions today as a court.
If your visit falls in the summer (April to August), you can have another TAKE 4 in Lincoln as you can experience 1) Historical Re-enactments, 2) Birds of Prey Flying Displays, 3) Tastes of Lincoln Sausage Festival and 4) Lincoln Christmas Market.


  1. Atty. Honestly, I always love seeing structures like Cathedral. But only here in the Philippines muna. hehehe.:-). Kumusta?

  2. hey sir Bonz! glad to see you here again. Haven't seen you much lately, so thought it was because of the floods. I hope you are doing great despite that. I am ok but had been busy when I got back. Try to post once daily current or backlog. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Speechless! Pareho kami sir Bonz, Pinas muna haha.

  4. Hi Atty. BTW, please try to research on SEO. Key words in Bold letters (key words for SEO) in more than 3 repetition might be considered as spam by Google. Parang nakabasa ako niyan dati ba.:-). Try also to query some IT experts on this one like

  5. Lincoln Cathedral reminds me of Hogwarts. :)Wingardium Leviosa! haha

  6. Hey sir Bonz. Thanks for the comments.Really appreciate it! Napabasa tuloy ako and natuto! Obviously I don't know anything about SEO Writing and do not write for search engine but solely as a form of expressions and for my readers (naks meron ng followers haha). Anyway, on my readings mukha namang walang problem both sa SEO friendly content and key words density ng posts ko kahit nakabold ang maraming words repetitively based on Google guidelines. natuwa lang ako na may kulay na ung text and i can enlarge it or make it smaller.And I agree with Lyndon Antcliff when ask about what's the keyword density, he said. "I think it’s best not to obsess and concentrate on a natural feel , if that is achieved correct keyword density will come naturally.". But then again I am really not after SEO, just self-expression so I hope Google will not consider it a spam.

  7. I stayed for 5 months in Lincoln and visited Lincoln Cathedral twice. It brings me back the good memories me and my fiancée had spent in that place last year. Hoping to get back to England by mid year. If your around lets meet! :)

    Here are my posts about Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln and my trip in England.

  8. WOW, parang huma-harry potter lang n_n
    ganda ng shots mam. ingat palagi.

  9. Paliits I guess anywhere in England mapapa feelinh Harry Potter tayo! i was glad to finally be able to visit England although the original trip was changed and shortened my 15 days to only 5 days! Miss Experience, nice you have been in Lincoln twice. Great place!


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