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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Journey To Gutsiness: Joining Eat Bulaga's Pinoy Henyo!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Eat Bulaga! is the longest-running and most popular noon-time variety show in the Philippines being aired by GMA Network Weekdays and Saturday at 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm. Ask everyone about Eat Bulaga!and they will say "Pinoy Henyo!". Which makes a lot of sense, since “Eat Bulaga’s” “Pinoy Henyo” quiz is not only entertaining but also educational and the words are within the level of even elementary school kids.

In Pinoy Henyo (or Filipino Genius in English)three teams with two people in each team compete. The guesser must guess the secret word within two (2) minutes by asking questions answerable only by Oo (Yes), Hindi (No) and Pwede (Can Be).Other replies will incur a 3 second penalty for every wrong reply which will be added in the team's official time. Four (4) Dabarkads hold a hidden prize of P10,000, P15,000 and P20,000. The Dabarkads chosen will go to the flushroom. If the contestant guess the word correctly, the Dabarkads is spared from getting wet and the contestant win whatever the prize the Dabarkads is holding. If the pair failed to guess the henyo word, the Dabarkads get wet and the team take home a P5,000 consolation prize. The team with the fastest time, heads to the Jackpot round.

In the Jackpot round, the winning pair will play again following the same concepts except this time, both of them would have to guess the word, taking turns. Also, they are only given one category and is to answer three words correctly in 3 minutes. Each correct answer is P10,000, but if the pair answered 3 words, they take home additional P50,000 pesos.

The November 18, 2011 portion of the Pinoy Henyo's Alumni High Edition was more special compared to the daily Pinoy Henyo that I watched in the past. That time, I was inside Broadway Centrum and one of the competing pairs along with my kuya Mike as partner. The Alumni High Edition requires graduates of high school 5 years ago and onwards, with both contestants in the same graduating class.Since kuya Mike and I were both batch '89 of Pres. Sergio Osmena High School - Manila, we volunteered to be our school's representatives and headed to audition.Luckily we passed and were chosen among 24 other pairs auditioning that day.

Our mutual goal is to make it to the Finals and bag the P500,000.00 grand prize for our alma mater.During audition, we learned that the individual players will also win for themselves a P300,000.00 during the grand finals in addition to the daily prizes.

With a Henyo Word "Palay" or rice grains in English, the first team (Green) had a really tough time to guess. The word was unusually problematic because it cannot fit squarely in the five (5) categories (Tao, Bagay, Pagkain,Hayop at Lugar) with Pagkain the closest. Based on the guidelines for Pagkain - it cannot fit into Ulam, Prutas or Gulay since it is Halaman (plant)or Butil (grains).

Our word was also complicated — Gripo (or faucet). Kuya Mike was chosen to guess the word and he did really well in locking in the word to be located inside the bathroom with only 25 seconds from our time.He was even praised by host Joey De Leon for his category ("may hawakan"). Sadly, he couldn't guess the word in time. It was a fun experience though.

The third pair (Blue), also suffered the same fate as the first and the second teams, although the word they picked out wasn't a Henyo word and quite easy - Ortigas. But as a contestant myself, I can understand the pressure when you are on the Henyo seat. With that none of the three teams played for the Jackpot round.

Here's the link to the video of this gutsy experience - Pinoy Henyo November 18, 2011 - "Volunteer to do something you've never done before " which is one of the 12 life-challenging strategies that Leigh Anne Jasheway-Bryant mentioned in August 9, 2005 Family Circle issue. Although, we were not able to qualify for the grand finals, the experience taught me that stepping outside the box can open endless doors. Many friends told me how they enjoyed watching us and how telegenic we are! See,we might get an offer soon to appear on tv! haha.

P.S. With this I have checked off No.343 in my list of the "2001 Things To Do Before You Die" Be A Game Show Contestant


Feeling Gutsy? Head to Broadway Centrum from 3pm until 5pm Monday to Friday to get application form from the security guard at the gate. Audition starts at 5pm so you should be with your high school batchmate, who graduated from high school at least 5 years ago and have with you your HS diploma or YearBook and a 2 x 2 picture. During audition, you will be given only a minute to guess the word unlike in the actual game. So the key is to be energetic and fun as it won't matter whether you guessed the Pinoy Henyo word or not. Like with our audition, I was given the word Flower Vase which I wasn't able to guess but came close. Kuya Mike was given the word Kidney and had a mental block so didn't even mention the Tao category haha. But well, that landed us the ticket to be the contestant out of the 24 pairs who auditioned November 16, 2011. At 6 in the evening of November 17, 2011 I got a call from Eat Bulaga Pinoy Henyo staff telling me that we will be playing for the November 18, 2011 Pinoy Henyo portion and we have to be there at 9 am! The rest is history!!!


Pinoy Adventurista said...

sayang! di ko 'to napanuod... meron na ba sa youtube? :)

Mhe-anne Ojeda said...

hello Mervin. di namin nakuha yung word -Gripo. yung link andito sa post - Pinoy Henyo November 18, 2011 - eh not sure kunbg you tube din. thanks for dropping by my blog!

Claire @lakwatsera de primera said...

I saw the video Ms. Mhe Anne and i have to say you're super calm, talking about grace under pressure :)

Mhe-anne Ojeda said...

hey Claire dear.calm lang coz i wasn't on the henyo seat but my bro.haha. different pressure talaga but worth the experience naman!

Bonzenti [Con Tour] said...

Hello Mhe-Anne, it was a wonderful experience indeed when after your appearance on tv, it opens countless doors...:-).

Mhe-anne Ojeda said...

haha sir Bonz. it was a nice experience.but i was kidding about being a tv star! haha. but who knows, it will open countless doors..thanks for dropping by my blog,though not really travel related.

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

haha ayus! iba ka tlga atty! kakaibang experience nga toh, m sure you joined for the xperience not the prize, yomon yomon mu na d mu need yung premyo. sayang d ko toh alam sana naponood ko, d na ako maxado na FB kase. or baka my youtube neto?

Mhe-anne Ojeda said...

hello Gael dear. thanks for dropping by.oy di me mayaman, pero i joined to give back to the my high school alma mater. may 5 scholars kasi ako dun so puedeng mas marami kaya pumayag akong sumali with kuya mike. hey good luck sa Blog Awards.Wow,national level si Gael!!!watch ako to cheer you and the rest of PTBs and PTB Bagets!!

Didi said...

Hubby and I usually joke about joining Pinoy Henyo. Dream namin but I'll be lost when it comes to geography *)Sayang naman ang Gripo word. Ang hirap siguro pag andun ka.

Paliiits said...

YAY! araw-araw ko to pinapanood! teka, gripo? di nasagot? naaalala ko yan, haha. swerte mo naman mam, naexperience mo na yung maupo sa henyo seat! kahit di kayo nakasagot, panalo na din yun! :D

Edmaration etc said...

Waaah!! Sayang te Mhe-Anne di ko 'to napanood!!!! Hay naku nakakapressure talaga yan. Buti kinaya niyo!

Kathy Ngo said...

Wow! Good for you. At least natry mo na how to be a contestant there.

athena said...

wow! i have to admit i haven't seen this yet T_T

germz said...

ang galing...hehe i wonder what's really the feeling if you're on the stage na talaga in front of all the audience


ROMELO said...

we watch eat bulaga everyday and I think I remember this episode...

Chilipina said...

what do I love about pinoy henyo? low-cost game na kahit sino pwede sumali. :)

gagay said...

parang exciting na nakakanerbiyos tong experience na to, anoh? waaaaaah! feeling ko pag ako ang andun, mental block ako..hhaha...

~late visit here, from FBW


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