Thursday, June 3, 2010

Foot Massage: My WENSHA Pasay Experience

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

I went to WENSHA Spa Pasay with my friends Margo,Tess,Jean,Raffy,Imee and Kuya Robert from Utah who is in town and wanted to see me. Since Kuya Robert is temporarily staying in Paranaque,WENSHA Pasay is more convenient for him than WENSHA Timog.It was my first time there but not first time with the WENSHA experience. In fact I wrote about WENSHA Timog on this blog last February 18, 2010.

Like its main branch, WENSHA Spa Pasaylocated along Buendia Avenue (behind the CCP Complex and in front of the World Trade Center)is a 24/7 spa with an eat-all-you-can buffet forming the package rate of P680 per person for the one hour full-body massage (among other services offered) and a free use of the jacuzzi, sauna and steam bath within six hours.

Since I have already tried the whole body massage in the Timog Branch and is getting a whole body massage on a weekly basis from my masseuse lady,my sister in-law Imee, I decided to try the foot massage. It is only P600 so cheaper by P80 compared to a whole body massage. And for Imee,I got her the full - body so she can experience this pampering while learning of the Wensha style that she could apply on me. Call it hitting two birds with one stone huh!

WENSHA Pasay is a lot different from WENSHA Timog. The locker room for female is at the ground floor just near the entrance so I feel that it is less private. In fact,when someone uses the comfort rooms (with out having paid yet the entrance fee)you will gain access to the locker rooms as the c.r's are inside that room. Worst, the jacuzzi pool is only separated by curtains and one can get a good peek of a bunch of naked females from the locker room. Eeeewww. In Wensha Timog, the female locker room is in the second floor and can only be accessed by females who are properly admitted.

Also, I must protest the showers,sauna and steam room. Everything was too hot.I almost got 'burned'at the shower with only hot water coming out no matter where you turn the knob - either left or right. Well,the other showers were okay.

So what's the consolation? It is in their jacuzzi and the foot massage!

The jacuzzi pool consist of one main irregular - shaped pool with lots of platforms around and two small round pools beside it.Why it is good? Well, there are more places to hide (my sexy naked bod haha). Again,it is about privacy!

The foot massage was great! It was like a full-body massage just made cheaper haha. It includes massage of the back and arms and the feet is buried in hot water with some treatmeant.It is very relaxing!! Also, the foot massage room is co-ed so for those with partners,getting a foot massage would be ideal. They can get the pampering they need while holding hands!! Looking forward to doing it with my prince.

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